What can I do?

1.  Become informed and help others get informed.

Contact our website at  http://www.sonic.net/windsorwest/home.htm  for background information., history of the Lytton Pomos, newspaper articles and polical information.
2.  Write a letter to the editor regarding news articles.
 See articles posted on web site; search for others in newspapers. Wtie letters to the Press Democrat, Windsor Times, San Francisco Chronicle.   News Articles on Web site

3.  Oppose it at all levels of government:

4.  Write letters to government officials.
 Names and addresses of local, county, state and federal officials who should be contacted regarding your concerns about the proposed Lytton Pomo project are now available on the web site. Download them and use them. There is a link to a form letter on the web site for those who want to use it as a starting point. Feel free to use it.
              Click here for form letter
              Click here for Government Officials Names & Addresses 5.  Attend Town Council, Board of Supervisors and other pertinent meetings.
Dates will be announced.  Web site: http://www.sonic.net/windsorwest/home.htm for more information

6.  E-mail Windsorwest with your support, questions and comments.   windsorwest@sonic.net
Someone will respond as quickly as possible. (windsorwest@sonic.net)

7. Circulate Petitions among our neighbors,  family and friends.
Show our opposition to the establishment of a reservation in or near Windsor and present the petitions to the Board of Supervisors, the Town Council and the BIA.

 Web site: http://www.sonic.net/windsorwest/home.htm

Get Involved to Protect Your Property Rights,
Values and Qaulity of Life!

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