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Welcome to Windsor Senior Computer User's Group   

The PC Computer Users Group is a very informal group
of computer enthusiasts and anyone who is interested in computers is welcome.
   There is a wide variety of experience. Come and share experiences and network 
and learn about resources. 

Updated 12/9/2019

   Current Newsletter for Computer Users' group December 2019

        Upcoming meeting of Windsor Senior Computer PC Users' Group is Monday,  December 9,  2019.  Our speaker will be Ms Rebecca Miller, Assistant Manager Windsor Branch of Redwood Credit Union and her presentation will be "Navigating Banking Technology:  Feeling Secure with Mobile Banking." from 2:00-4:00.  General questions and answers will be from 1:00 to 2:00.  Bring your questions or send them ahead of time.  We are very fortunate to have such knowledgeable speakers.   Hope to see you all.  We are a PC group, but some software and topics will be appropriate for Macs as well.

               Next Monthly meeting of Drop-in PC Computing Help will be Monday, January 27, 2020,  2:00 - 4:00 pm.   Seniors can drop by the Windsor Senior Center, first come/first serve, and will receive one/one opportunity to get their problems, questions and projects addressed.  Bring your laptop to work on or a list of inquiries for Computer Consultants Jim Tubb, or Andrea Antonik. to answer.   Windows 7, and 10 will be spoken here.  Also Smartphone questions will be addressed.  No registration necessary. Good opportunity for questions on new equipment including smartphones. There will not be any Drop-in Computing Help in December.

For more information on the classes at the Senior Center, contact the Windsor Senior Center  (707 838-1250) or go to web site         ______________________________________________________________________________________                  

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"What's New?", 11-18-19, Mr. Michael Banuelos, Senior Tech and Mr. Bobby Tagnolli, Office Manager Office Depot, pdf handout of power point.
"The Microsoft Store and What Is In It", 11-18-19, Mr. Jim Tubb, Computer Consultant, pdf handout.

"My Streaming TV Options - Amazon Firestick and Roku 3", 10-14-19, Mr. Ross Guistino, Ms. Andrea Antonik, Computer Consultants, pdf handout. 
"More about Streaming", 10-14-19, Mr. Jim Tubb, Computer Consultant, pdf handout

"Windows Tips and Tricks, Password Managers", 10-14-19, Mr, James Tubb, Computer Consultant, pdf handout

"Smartphone Tips and Tricks, Video Calls", 10-14-19, Mr. James Tubb and Ms Andrea Antonik, Computer Consultants.  pdf handout

\"What's new in Windows 10 1903" - 9-09-2019  Mr. James Tubb, Computer Consultant, pdf handout

"Stopping Spam - Scam Calls" - 8-12-19 Mr. James Tubb, Computer Consultant, pdf handout.

"They're Gonna Miss You When You Are Gone" - 7-8-19  Mr. James Tubb, Computer Consultant, pdf handout.

"Welcome to the Future" with links for videos - 5-13-19 Mr. James Tubb, Computer Consultant, pdf handout

"Creating Address and Return Labels with Word" 5-13-19 Ms Andrea Antonik, Computer Consultant, pdf handout one, pdf handout two, pdf handout three.

"Driverless Cars Will Revolutionize Motoring" 4-8-19 Mr. Hari Dhaliwal, Professor & Owner Drive-Rite Autom. Windsor.  Email Donna at for copy of handout 

Windows Tips and Tricks:  "File Extensions" 4-8-19 Mr. Jim Tubb, Computer Consultant, pdf handout.

"What to Look for in a New Portable Computing Device" 3-11-19  Mr. Jim Tubb,  Computer Consultant, pdf handout

"The Electronic Tax Return, why need it and how we got here".  Mr. Dave Harrison, and Mike Berry, AARP gave this presentation.  Power Pt. handout   and then also using a pdf copy.

"Windows 10 1809 features"  2-11-19  Mr. Jim Tubb, Computer Consultant, pdf handout

"Paying with your Phone" 1-14-19  Mr. Jim Tubb and Ms Andrea Antonik, Computer Consultants,  pdf handout.

"Google Photos - Adding, albums  Sharing"  12-10-18 Mr. Ross Guistino, Computer Consultant, pdf handout

 "E- Banking:  A Step-by-Step to Your Capabilities and Security:" 12-10-18  Mr. Sean Anderson, RCU Windsor Branch Manager, pdf handout.

"New Innovation/programs at Office Depot and what's important when choosing new hardware and software".  11-19-18 Mr. Michael Banuelos, Senior Sales Tech of Windsor Office Depot and Mr. Bobby Tagnolli, Store Manager of Windsor Office Depot, pdf handout.

"Smartphone Tips and Tricks Travel Apps" 10-8-18 Mr. Jim Tubb, Computer Consultant, pdf handout

"Booking all your travel arrangemenets online"  9-10-18 Ms Erin Stroud, Recreation Program Supervisor, Presentation, pdf handout.

"Windows 10 update - Action Center"  9/10/18  Mr. Jim Tubb, Computer Consultant, pdf handout

"Library Sonoma Resourses" 8/13/18 Vicki Chavez, pdf handout, pptx handout
"Apps Library Software", 8/13/18, Vicki Chavez, Librarian, Windsor Library, pdf handout

"Internet Glossary, How the Internet Works", 8/13/18  Andrea Antonik, pdf handout.

Best Buy presentation, 7/9/18:  "What's new in health devices, smartphones and their data plans, laptops and more!"  pdf handout

"Beginning Genealogy Class" Saturday, August 11, 2018, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm, Windsor Regional Library.  Presented by Genealogy Society.

"Windsor Tips and Tricks - Keyboard" by Mr. Jim Tubb, Computer Consultant, 7/9/18, pdf handout.

"Browser Tips and Tricks - 2" by Mr. Jim Tubb, Computer Consultant, 6/11/18.  pdf handout.

Santa Rosa JC Adults Program Genealogy Flyer for Fall 2018 classes, pdf handout



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